WAG 08-01-02-d: Adult/Teen/Child Care Disregard

PM 08-01-02-d.

Allow disregard for care costs, at intake and SWAPS to TANF Cash when:

  • the client has actually paid for the care, and
  • the care has or will occur during the IPE period.
  1. Ask an employed client if they have any care costs, at application and on request for SWAPS.
  2. Verify the costs.
  3. Allow the costs paid when figuring the IPE amount. 
    1. Allow the prorated amount of care paid for the number of days in the IPE period.
  4. Tell the client DHS will directly pay for the care, unless the case meets the exceptions in PM 08-01-02-d.

Client Pays Care Costs

Statement of Child Care Costs Due to Employment (Form 1897A) or Statement of Day Care Costs (Form 1897) may be used by the client to verify their care costs. If they do not use one of these forms, the verification must include at least:

  • the month the service was provided,
  • the provider's name,
  • name of person(s) receiving care,
  • cost per person, and
  • signature of provider.
  1. Give the client a supply of Form 1897/1897A if the client is eligible for the care disregard.
  2. Tell the client to return the completed Form 1897/1897A with their report form.

NOTE: Form 1897/1897A is not used for direct pay child care.