WAG 07-04-02: Jointly Held Assets

PM 07-04-02

If an noncategorically eligible SNAP household (PM 05-07-00PM 05-07-02) has jointly owned assets that they verify are partially inaccessible, count only the value of the portion that is accessible to the household.

new manual textSubstantial Lottery or Gambling Winnings

  • All active categorical and noncategorical SNAP households are subject to the substantial lottery or gambling winnings asset limit. Substantial lottery or gambling winnings is a cash prize won in a single game, before taxes or other amounts are withheld, which is equal to or greater than the asset limit of New Manual Text$4,250. This asset limit applies specifically to lottery and gambling winnings and is separate from the regular SNAP asset limits in PM 07-04-01.
  • Substantial lottery or gambling winnings received prior to an initial application does not affect eligibility. Only consider winnings won during the certification period or won at the time of the redetermination (REDE) or Mid-Point Report (MPR).
  • The SNAP household loses eligibility immediately. SNAP is canceled for the first month that benefits can be affected. Allow for a 10-day timely cancellation notice. SNAP is canceled regardless of whether the lottery or gambling winnings have been spent below the limit within the 10-day timeframe.
  • If multiple individuals share in the purchase of a ticket, hand, or similar bet, then only the portion of the winnings allocated to the winning member(s) in the household is counted toward the eligibility determination.