PM 07-04-01: Asset Limits

WAG 07-04-01

Categorically Eligible SNAP Households

SNAP asset limits do not apply to categorically eligible households revised manual textunless the household receives substantial lottery or gambling winnings as a cash prize of New Manual Textmore than $4,250, see PM 07-04-21.

Noncategorically Eligible SNAP Households

The asset limits for noncategorically eligible SNAP households are:

  • New Manual Text$4,250 if at least one member in the household is a qualifying member (see PM 05-06-01); or
  • New Manual Text$2,750 for all other SNAP households without a qualifying member; or
  • new manual text$4,250 for lottery or gambling winnings, see PM 07-04-21.

What Assets to Use

  • When determining eligibility, use the SNAP household's assets that are available at the time of the interview.
  • Except for categorically eligible households (see PM 05-07-00), deny or cancel benefits whenever the value of nonexempt assets exceeds the correct asset limit. new manual textSee PM 07-04-21 for the action to take on SNAP households in receipt of substantial lottery or gambling winnings. 


Always verify assets, except for:

  • SNAP households entitled to expedited service; or
  • Households that are categorically eligible. new manual text See PM 07-04-21 for substantial lottery or gambling winnings.