PM 07-02-22-a: Delay in Transfer to Community Spouse

WAG 07-02-22-a.

If a customer intends to transfer Revised textresources but can only do so after legal action, the customer must initiate the necessary legal action as soon as is practical. If a court order is required, Revised textallow an extension of time beyond the first redetermination only if the customer can prove the court process began within 90 days after the date of notice. The Revised textresources do not affect eligibility during this period.

Do not delay approval of an application because of a pending transfer of Revised textresources if all other information is available to determine eligibility. Deleted textIf Revised textresources are not transferred by the Revised textfirst redetermination after the case has been open one year, they are considered available and affect the resident's eligibility. Deleted text