PM 03-22-03: Protective Payee

WAG 03-22-03.

If the family does not come to the appointment, or does not cooperate with the agreed upon service plan for at least 30 days, the community agency requests that the Family Community Resource Center establish a protective payment plan. The Family Community Resource Center sets up the protective payment plan with a designee from the community agency acting as the protective payee, and determines if the child is attending a year-round school (see PM 16-05-05).

The protective payment plan continues until the family both attends the meeting and follows through with the service plan set up by the community agency. This includes beginning or resuming regular school attendance.

Protective payment plans continue through the summer months at the option of the community agency.

Child only representative payee (RPY) cases may be placed in protective payee status for the School Attendance Initiative. They cannot be sanctioned.

The agency tries to work with the family during the protective payment plan to obtain cooperation. This is considered the Reconciliation Process required before any TANF sanction.