WAG 03-15-09-a: Ending a Sanction Early

PM 03-15-09-a.

NewManualMaterialCentral Action on FS Sanction When TANF Sanction Repealed

When the worker takes action to delete code 176, using TA 31/TAR 51 because a TANF work and training sanction is repealed, the system centrally stops the FS sanction as follows:

  • deletes Item 80 code 242 FSWS; and
  • increases the number of persons In Item 23 by the number of people no longer sanctioned effective for the month following the 3rd month of the FS sanction,
  • enters code 1 in Item 15, and
  • enters a dash in Item 64 if = code 5, or enters code 50 if Item 64 = 55.

NOTE: When a customer fails to comply with the TANF work and training requirements and FS are not on the TANF case, the worker must manually enter and delete code 242 FSWS information on the case with the FS.