WAG 03-15-08-a: At Application

PM 03-15-08-a

Example: Mr. M, age 30, lives by himself and filed a new application for SNAP on 03/14. He reported that he quit a full-time job on 01/31 and the Family Community Resource Center determines that there was not good cause for the quit. As a one-person SNAP unit, Mr. M is ineligible for SNAP beginning the fiscal month of application because he quit his job in the 60 days prior to application.

Approval Action

If a person has been previously sanctioned, a clearance from the Food Stamp Work Sanction Tracking System will be produced during the interview in AIS. If the sanction is still in effect, the worker enters the information on the AIS SNAP Work Sanction Screen. An SNAP E&T sanction is not created at Intake, but may have already been imposed and not yet lifted.

If the sanction continues through the first regular roll month, the system will post to the Food Stamp Work Sanction Tracking System data base through use of code 242 in Item 80.

If the sanction results in case denial, or the sanction ends prior to the first regular roll month, AIS will prompt the worker to post the sanction to the Food Stamp Tracking System.


To deny an SNAP application because the case is ineligible as a result of a work sanction:

Item 2 - Enter the 6-digit date of denial.
Item 3 - Enter TA 05.
Item 4 - Enter 7.
Items 5, 6, and 8-10 - Complete.
Item 33 - Enter TAR 39, TAR 67, or TAR A6.