WAG 03-15-04: Allowable Reduction in Work Hours

PM 03-15-04

Example of an Allowable Reduction in Work Hours

revised textExample: Mr. P applied for SNAP benefits and reported that he voluntarily went from working full-time (40 hours) to working part-time (28 hours). He said he did this because he was working nights and a day shift job opened up. Not wanting to work nights is not considered good cause for reducing hours.

Mr. P makes $8.00 per hour (28 hours x $8.00 = $224.00 per week). Because Mr. P earns more than 30 hours times the federal minimum wage amount (30 x $7.25 = $217.50) he is exempt from the SNAP work provisions, so the fact that he reduced work hours to go on the day shift does not affect his eligibility for SNAP benefits. Mr. P is not subject to a SNAP sanction.