PM 03-15-01: Work Provisions

WAG 03-15-01

  • As a condition of eligibility for SNAP benefits, each SNAP household member not exempt for one of the reasons in PM 03-15-02 must comply with the following Work Provisions (formerly known as Work Registration):
  • register for work by receipt of the SNAP Work Rules consolidated notice:
    • at the time of application and every 12 months after initial registration. 
    • during the certification period when an exempt individual becomes nonexempt.
  • provide sufficient information regarding employment status or availability to work.
  • cooperate with TANF work and training program requirements, if receiving TANF.
  • accept a bona fide offer of suitable employment.
  • report to an employer to whom referred if the potential employment meets the suitability requirement.
  • do not voluntarily and without good cause quit a job of 30 hours a week.
  • do not voluntarily reduce work hours to less than 30 hours per week without good cause.
  • Tell the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) when employment begins, rate of pay and the number of hours worked, if asked.
  • Failure to comply with any of these requirements without good cause results in a work sanction.
  • An employed or self-employed customer who is working at least 30 hours per week or receiving weekly wages of 30 times the Federal minimum wage ($7.25) meets the Work Provisions exemption in PM 03-15-02  but loses the exemption if they voluntarily quit a job of 30 hours or more a week or reduce their work hours to less than 30 hours per week without good cause.
  • The Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) staff determines if good cause exists.

If a work sanction is imposed, the member is ineligible for SNAP benefits for a specific length of time. See PM 03-15-07 for the length of the sanction period.

Note: SNAP E&T is a voluntary program. A work sanction is not imposed on individuals who stop participating in the voluntary SNAP E&T Program. 

new manual textCuban/Haitian Entrants

  • Cuban/Haitian entrants approved to receive SNAP are required to comply with the Work Provisions and Work Requirements, unless exempt. Cuban/Haitians may meet regular SNAP exemptions. If participating in an Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) program activity at least half time is exempt because it is considered a recognized training program.
  • A Cuban/Haitian entrant who is not able to work because they have not received their employment authorization and/or are unable to participate in Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) program activities because a federal agency has failed to provide work authorization is granted good cause due to circumstance beyond the individual's control.