WAG 03-13-05: Intensive Case Review

PM 03-13-05.

The information obtained during the client interview can be documented on the Intensive Review Guide (Form 4652). Instructions for completion of the Guide are included on Intensive Review Guide - Instructions (Form 4651). Staffing Checklist (Form 4653) can be used to monitor the review and subsequent follow up actions.

If Form 4652 is used, remember the form itself is only a guide. It is important for staff to use all their interviewing skills to clearly identify the family's:

  • situation,
  • underlying motivations,
  • fears,
  • barriers (including any special learning needs), and
  • any other points pertinent to understanding the right steps the client needs to take to reach independence.

Some parts of the guide may not apply to the client or their family and may not need to be completed. Do not let the client complete Form 4652. Form 4652 is only to be completed by staff.