WAG 03-13-01: Work-Eligible Person - Activity Compliance Requirements

PM 03-13-01

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Examples of Work-Eligible & Exempt persons:

  1. A 64 year old woman receives cash as an optional caretaker relative in a case with her granddaughter. She is age 60 or older, so she is Exempt. If she were under age 60, she would be Work-Eligible unless she met another exemption reason.
  2. A 22 year old woman has a level 3 sanction due to noncooperation with child support. She is dropped from the Work-Eligible population because she is not receiving cash.
  3. A 17 year old and her 2 year old child receive cash with the 17 year old's mother. The teen parent is not included in the Work-Eligible count because she receives as a dependent child. However, this does not mean she is exempt from the activity compliance requirement. She still has an RSP and must cooperate with completing her education.
  4. The 17 year old's 16 year old boyfriend moves in with the family and paternity is established for their 2 year old. The young couple and their child are set up in their own case with the 17 year old as head of household. Both are included in the Work-Eligible population because they receive as adults.
  5. A pregnant 15 year old teen lives with her parents and siblings, but has her own case because the rest of her family did not apply for TANF. She is included in the Work-Eligible population because she is head of household and receives the adult payment standard. Determine parent liability if the 15 year old's parents have income.
  6. A woman who has lost custody of her older children applies for TANF. She verifies she is in her 3rd month of pregnancy. She doesn't meet any reasons for an exemption, so she is considered Work-Eligible up until 6 weeks before her due date.