WAG 03-13-00: TANF General Activity Compliance Requirements

PM 03-13-00.

revised text

Tell all TANF adults and minor parents who are applying for or receiving TANF about the activity requirement and how they can meet it through activities designed to help them become self-sufficient. Explain the assessment process and the Responsibility and Services Plan (Form 4003 series). Discuss all plan activities and make clear which activities must be done to meet the requirements and by what date they are expected to be done. Tell the client about available supportive services and help them arrange for all needed services.

At application and each REDE:

  1. Discuss Countable and Support activities with the client, including:
    • employment opportunities and the benefits of WORK PAYS;
    • education and training;
    • work experience;
    • available supportive services, such as child care and transportation;
    • exemption reasons, barriers, and good cause for nonparticipation; and
    • client and agency responsibilities.

      NOTE: If the family contains a parent under age 20, also provide information about Teen Parent Services (TPS). 

  2. Explain the participation requirement and the penalties for failure and refusal to comply.
  3. Tell the client how many months of their 60-month limit they have used and how many are left. Complete and give them YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335).
  4. Give to all clients and discuss with them the following forms at application. At REDE, give them to the client and discuss when a work and training activity is first included in their Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP):
    • Answers to Your Questions, TANF (Form 4047);
    • In Illinois, Work Pays (Form 3496);
    • Affordable Child Care (Form 3211);
    • Child Care and the TANF Work Requirement (Form 4336); and
    • "Don't Get Short-Changed" (IRS brochure).