PM 03-10-02: Public Residential Facilities and Schools

WAG 03-10-02.

Persons living in the following public residential facilities or schools can qualify for cash or medical.

  • A person who is receiving sheltered care in a county facility (cash or medical).

    NOTE: A person receiving sheltered care in a county facility can qualify for cash whether or not they are receiving SSI, or have been denied SSI due to income. 

  • A person living in a certified ward of an Office of Mental Health (OMH) psychiatric facility (cash or medical).
  • A person living in a public educational or vocational training facility (medical only). The cost of residing in the facility is not a medical expense, and not covered under the Medicaid Program.

These facilities include (but are not limited to) the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired, Illinois School for the Deaf, Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education - Roosevelt, and the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education - Wood.

All other persons living in public facilities that are not medical facilities are ineligible for AABD Cash or AABD Medical.