PM 06-16-08: Eligibility Date for Child Care Payments

WAG 06-16-08

The client must complete a written request for child care benefits.  The written request can be made on the appropriate request form or via any written correspondence from the client.  The client may also fax their written request for child care benefits.

Use the day the written request (or the fax of the written request) is received by the Department to determine when eligibility for child care begins. This is the day the request was received by any Department employee or entity acting on behalf of the Agency (e.g., FCRC, CCR&R New Manual MaterialAgency or New Manual MaterialSite Administered Provider, etc.).

When all eligibility factors are met, payment for child care services begins on whichever of the following dates is later:

  • the date of the client's signature;
  • one week (7 calendar days) prior to the stamped date of receipt of a signed application by the Department or its agent; or
  • the date the child care provider begins providing child care services, if the application is received in advance of services being provided.