PM 06-16-07-a: Gross Monthly Income

WAG 06-16-07-a

For gross monthly income, count the nonexempt income of all persons included in the family size. For child care needed due to employment, do not count the income of an employed RPY or the RPY's responsible relatives, unless the RPY is a parent or stepparent of the child(ren) requiring care.

Nonexempt Income

  • gross wages and salary;
  • net income from self-employment;
  • TANF and other public assistance cash payments;
  • dividends, interest, net rental income, royalties;
  • pensions, annuities;
  • alimony and child support received by the family;
  • monthly adoption assistance payments from DCFS;
  • Unemployment Insurance benefits;
  • Workers' Compensation benefits;
  • Social Security payments, including SSI, retirement, disability, and survivor's benefits;
  • Railroad Retirement, Survivor's, and Permanent Disability benefits from the federal government;
  • Veteran's benefits.

Exempt Income

  • earnings of a child under age 19 (unless the child is the applicant);
  • money received from sale of property, such as stocks, bonds, a house, or car, unless the person is in the business of selling such property (in which case the net proceeds would be nonexempt income from self-employment);
  • capital gains;
  • money borrowed, including educational loans to a student;
  • withdrawals of bank deposits;
  • tax refunds and Earned Income Tax Credit payments;
  • lump sum gifts, inheritances, and insurance payments;
  • the value of SNAP benefits, donated foods, other food assistance programs, and home produce for family consumption;
  • child support paid out of the family's income;
  • DCFS Foster Care payments for board or clothing;
  • energy grants or allowances received through LIHEAP;
  • grants and scholarships to undergraduate students for educational purposes made or insured under a program administered by the Commission of Education under the Higher Education Act of 1965;
  • other grants and scholarships received by a student under conditions that preclude their use for current living costs;
  • payments received under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970;
  • per capita payments to or funds held in trust for any person by the Indian Claims Commission or the Court of Claims;
  • payments made under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to the extent such payments are exempt from taxation.