PM 06-16-05-b: Child Care Approved by Staff (TANF)

WAG 06-16-05-b

Family Community Resource Center staff are responsible for providing payment for child care that is required as:

  • an employment expense to help a client get or keep a job, or
  • a onetime or temporary need (i.e., no more than 30 days) for a work and training activity (e.g., a client needs to attend an interview).

Child care payments approved by staff are issued for approved work and training activities based on actual verified costs and legal care arrangements, except when issuing a prospective payment to prevent a loss of the child care arrangement.

When a prospective child care payment is required in order for the client to maintain a child care arrangement, staff may issue the initial child care payment based on anticipated costs. If the initial payment is for a partial month of services, the 2nd month's payment is also issued prospectively based on anticipated costs.

For each subsequent month, the child care payment is computed and issued based on the previous month's verified expenses.

Refer applicants to the Front Door contractor for help in paying for child care.

Temporary child care required due to a caretaker relative's absence, illness, incarceration, etc., is provided under Substitute Parent Care and Supplemental Child Care. See PM 22-05-02 and WAG 22-05-02 for policy and procedures concerning Substitute Parent Care and Supplemental Child Care.