PM 06-16-04: Two-parent Families

WAG 06-16-04

In 2-parent families, payment for child care is allowed only if the 2nd parent is unavailable or unable to care for the children. This includes families in which one of the parents is a stepparent or a person who has a child in common with the applicant. It does not include employed RPYs (who are not parents or stepparents) receiving TANF text deleted for the children.

A parent may be unavailable or unable to care for the children due to:


  • taking part in a DHS program, such as a Work and Training activity or Teen Parent Services (TPS);
  • taking part in an alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation program; or
  • physical or mental health problems which limit the ability of the parent to provide adequate child care.

Accept the client's statement about circumstances which cause the 2nd parent to be unavailable or unable to provide child care.