PM 06-16-02-b: Clients in Work and Training Activities

WAG 06-16-02-b

Child care is allowed for work and training activities when the activity is part of the TANF client's approved RSP.  CCR&R New Manual MaterialAgency staff and Site Administered Providers determine eligibility for a client receiving TANF who is taking part in an approved activity.  RPYs are not eligible to receive child care to participate in education or training programs, except as a non-TANF family. language was removed

Family Community Resource Center staff are responsible for providing payment for child care that is required for no more than 30 days as:

  • an employment expense to help a client get or keep a job, and/or
  • a onetime or temporary need for a work and training activity (e.g., a client needs to attend an interview).

To secure or maintain a child care arrangement, FCRC staff may approve child care payments for an eligible person who is waiting to enter an approved work and training program or employment:

  • for a period not to exceed 2 weeks; or
  • for a period not to exceed one month when child care arrangements would otherwise be lost and a later activity is scheduled to begin or resume within that period.