WAG 06-08-07: Nonpayment of Premiums

PM 06-08-07

revised text(System) Uses TA 22/TAR 07 to centrally cancel an active case when HFS' Bureau of Fiscal Operations notifies it that a family is at least 60 days delinquent in their premiums. Form 157KC is centrally generated as a result of the central cancellation.

  • new textExample: The premium due date for August is July 31st. The premium is not paid by September 30th. The system cut-off for October has passed. The system cancels the case effective for November using TA 22/TAR 07.

(System) Enters code 178 in Item 80 on Form 552 with an indicator of 1. If the family later pays their premiums, changes the indicator to 2.

For a case with unpaid premiums which is canceled for another reason, enters code 178 in Item 80 on Form 552 with the indicator of 1.

(FCRC) Notify the All Kids Unit if you discover that code 178 incorrectly appears in Item 80.