WAG 06-08-00: All Kids Share and Premium

PM 06-08-00

revised textLegacy-CDB

  • All Kids Share and Premium cases were always Category 94.
  • The first position of the basic number was W.
  • All children in a family unit were required to be on the same Share or Premium case.
  • If a family is also applied for SNAP benefits, a separate category 08 case was set up.

new textIES Phase 2

The 9-digit IES case number does not include a Category identifier or a basic number. Rather, the type of assistance (TOA) under which a person receives benefits is identified by its program name, such as: AK Assist, AK Share, AK Prem 1, AK Prem 2, FamilyCare, TANF, SNAP, etc. An IES case can contain multiple TOAs.