PM 06-07-03: Hill Cases

WAG 06-07-03

A specific group of disabled widow/widowers are entitled to medical benefits based on the Hill court case. A Hill client is entitled to AABD cash as a zero grant case if they:

  • were entitled to benefits as a disabled widow/widower under Title II of the Social Security Act in December 1983; and
  • received SSA Disabled Widow/Widower benefits in January 1984; and;
  • became ineligible for SSI and/or AABD cash because of the increase in Widow/Widower benefits that resulted from a change in the Social Security Administration's method of determining entitlement for disabled widow/widower benefits before age 60; and
  • have been continuously entitled to Widow/Widower benefits since January 1984; and
  • would be currently eligible for SSI and/or SSP if widow/widower cost of living increases were disregarded, and
  • meet all other AABD cash eligibility requirements, other than income.

A person who meets these criteria remains in zero grant status until:

  • they become ineligible for reasons other than receiving Social Security benefits; or
  • SSA stops the Widow/Widower benefits; or
  • they enter a long term care facility.

The Bureau of Policy and Training has a list of all individuals affected by the Hill case.