PM 06-05-01: Persons Who May Qualify for Emergency Medical

WAG 06-05-01

Revised text The following noncitizen adults age 19 and older who may qualify for emergency medical:

  • an adult who legally entered the U.S., but stays beyond the timeframe allowed by their visa;
  • an undocumented noncitizen (an adult for whom the Immigration and Naturalization Service has not documented entry into the U.S.);
  • an adult who has applied for temporary residence under IRCA but hasn't been approved; or
  • an adult legalized under IRCA Section 210, 210A or 245A who is 19 or older, not pregnant, and who was granted temporary residence less than 5 years ago (TANF, FamilyCare Assist, and All Kids Assist only);
  • an adult lawfully admitted for Permanent Residence for less than 5 years, if they entered U.S. on or after August 22, 1996;
  • an adult who is a parolee into the U.S. for less than 1 year, under Section 212(d)(5); or
  • an adult who is lawfully present in the U.S., and who is:
    • an applicant for asylum from any country; or
    • has continuously resided in the U.S. since 1972; or
    • is in deferred action status or under an order of supervision. 

Noncitizens must meet Illinois residency to qualify for emergency medical coverage.

The four nonimmigrant visa classes listed below indicate that the person is not a resident of the United States. By definition, these persons do not meet Illinois residency requirements:

  • B (temporary visitor for business or pleasure)
  • C (aliens in transit)
  • D (crew members of vessels traveling into or out of the U.S.)
  • TWOV (transit without visa)

Additionally, a person whose sole purpose to come to Illinois is to receive medical care does not qualify for emergency medical coverage.

New TextFor noncitizen children under age 19, refer to PM 03-01-02-j.  For noncitizen pregnant women who do not meet immigration requirements, refer to

PM 06-09.