PM 06-05-00: Emergency Medical for Noncitizens Who Do Not Meet the Federal Qualifying Medicaid Criteria

WAG 06-05-00.

Persons age 19 and older, who are not eligible for medical benefits because they do not meet citizenship/immigration requirements, may qualify for medical for emergencies. They must meet all the program requirements for FamilyCare Assist, All Kids Assist, Moms and Babies, ACA Adult or AABD Medical, except for a Social Security Number and verification of immigration status. People who meet these requirements are called ineligible noncitizens and are only eligible for short-term medical coverage for emergency care. Ineligible noncitizens are ineligible for cash and regular medical benefits.

The person applying for emergency medical benefits must need, or have received, emergency medical services in the month of application or during the 3 months before the month of application. An ineligible noncitizen who comes to Illinois solely to receive medical care does not qualify. Medical coverage is given only to the person with the emergency medical condition; other family members are not eligible.

Noncitizens who are lawfully admitted for permanent residency may receive emergency medical during the 5-year period that they are disqualified from receiving ongoing benefits.

Noncitizen children under age 19 who do not meet immigration requirements may qualify for All Kids Assist.  Do not authorize Emergency Medical for Ineligible Noncitizens for children. 

Noncitizen pregnant women who do not meet immigration status requirements may qualify for medical benefits under the Family Assist, FamilyCare Assist or Moms and Babies programs. Do not authorize eligibility for Emergency Medical for Ineligible Noncitizens for noncitizen pregnant women using the Emergency Medical for Ineligible Noncitizens policy. (see PM 06-09-00).

The Question in ABE that Triggers a Request for Emergency Medical

When completing an application in ABE (Application for Benefits Eligibility), the applicant must answer the question, "Is this person a U.S. citizen?" If answered "No", ABE will ask, "Is this a request for emergency medical for a non-citizen. If "Yes", a request for emergency medical for a noncitizen will be processed in IES.