WAG 06-02-01: Eligible Persons

PM 06-02-01

When a repatriate's port of entry is Chicago, the Repatriate Office of the Department of Health and Human Services usually provides advance information on the repatriate(s) by telephoning the Special Units Office, Chicago.

Refer any repatriates who are mentally ill nationals to the DHS Office of Mental Health (OMH). OMH decides if the client needs to be placed in a mental hospital.

For an eligible person incapable of giving consent to care and treatment in a hospital because of a mental condition, or because they are a minor, the Family Community Resource Center initiates a court petition for appointment of a legal guardian.

Repatriate Potentially Eligible for SSI

Refer any repatriate who is age 65 or older, blind, or disabled to SSI within 60 days of arrival in the U.S. Upon receipt of SSI, determine eligibility for Medical. If the client is ineligible for, or does not wish to apply for AABD Cash, medical benefits can be continued under the Repatriate Program until the end of the 90-day eligibility period.