PM 06-02-00: Repatriate Program

WAG 06-02-00

The Repatriate Program provides temporary help to needy U.S. citizens and their families returned to the U.S. from a foreign country by the Department of State due to:

  • destitution;
  • illness;
  • war or threat of war;
  • invasion;
  • civil unrest; or
  • natural disaster in the foreign country

Temporary help may include:

  • transportation to their permanent residence, the home of relatives, or the place they plan to resettle;
  • food items to meet the cost of a special diet recommended by a physician;
  • purchase of meals in restaurants;
  • temporary shelter;
  • essential clothing;
  • medical and hospital care that a physician considers necessary due to the health of the repatriate;
  • help in contacting relatives, friends, or former employers to gain access to resources for self-support; and
  • payment for the cost of transportation, overnight lodging and a per diem for an escort of a minor child or physically ill or disabled repatriate from their port of entry to their final destination, if needed.