WAG 06-01-03: Status with Voluntary Sponsoring Agency

PM 06-01-03

  1. For an RRP Cash case, complete Verification of Contribution From Voluntary Sponsoring Agency or Sponsor (Form 2422) in triplicate. Give the original and one copy to the applicant. Use the 2nd copy for a control.
  2. Tell the applicant to take the Form 2422 to their sponsoring agency and have them complete it, and then return it to the intake worker.
  3. Take one of the following actions based on the client's response.
    1. If the client returns the completed form and has not quit a job or refused to apply or accept one in the last 30 days, approve the application for the entire unit if all other eligibility factors are met.
    2. If the applicant fails to return the completed Form 2422 within 10 workdays, the entire unit is ineligible for cash.

      Deny the cash request using TAR 04, Refugee Failed To Provide Verification from VOLAG. deleted text 

    3. If Form 2422 shows that an employable applicant has quit a job, or refused to apply for a job, or refused to accept an offer of appropriate employment within the past 30 days, approve the case without including that person's needs. deleted text