PM 05-03-03: Eligibility for SNAP Units with Excluded Member

WAG 05-03-03.

For units with one or more excluded members, figure income and benefit amount as follows:

  • Count the excluded members' income as income for the rest of the unit, minus a prorated share for the excluded member(s). Figure the prorated share by dividing the excluded members' gross income by the total number of persons in the unit, including the excluded person(s).
  • Do not include the excluded member(s) in the unit size when comparing income to the gross and net income standards or when figuring the benefit amount.
  • Cash benefits paid by the Department are income of the cash assistance unit. If the excluded member is in a cash assistance case, prorate the cash assistance.
  • If the excluded members' income is earned, subtract the earned income deduction from the eligible members' share of the excluded persons' income.

If a shelter, child support, or dependent care expense is billed to or paid by an eligible member, allow the entire amount. If the expense is billed to or paid by the excluded member(s), allow the expense minus the excluded member's prorated share. Allow the full amount of the Air Conditioning/ Heating Standard, Limited Utility Standard, Single Utility Standard, or the Telephone Standard.