PM 05-03-02-a: Income and Benefit Amount

WAG 05-03-02-a.

When figuring the eligibility and benefit amount for a unit with a sanctioned member, fugitive felon, probation or parole violator:

  • Use the gross income of the sanctioned member, felon, probation, or parole violator. If the income is from self-employment, subtract the cost of doing business from gross income.
  • Allow the total amount of the unit's income deduction and allowable expenses for dependent care, medical, child support, and shelter.
  • Do not include the sanctioned member or the fugitive felon/parole/probation violator in the unit size when comparing income to the gross and net income standards or when figuring the benefit amount.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should the monthly benefit increase as the result of a member being sanctioned.