PM 05-02-02: Who Cannot be a Boarder

WAG 05-02-02.

The following people cannot be granted boarder status, they must be included in the SNAP household:

  • revised manual textA parent and their child who is under the age of 22.
  • revised manual textExcept for foster children, any child under age 18 and under the parental control of an adult SNAP household member who is not their parent, even if the person providing parental control eats separately. At the request of the foster parent, foster children can be included or excluded from the SNAP household (PM 04-05-05).
  • Spouses living together; or
  • revised manual textA person receiving lodging and meals but not paying reasonable monthly compensation. A person paying less than reasonable monthly compensation for board is NOT a boarder and must be included, along with a spouse or children living with him or her, as a member of the household providing the boarder services because food is purchased and prepared together.