WAG 04-02-00: Who to Include in a Family Health Plans Case

PM 04-02-00.

This section provides procedures for who should be included in a Family Health Plans unit.

Determine the case category (94 or 96) based on the qualified child(ren)'s parents. If there are 2 parents in the home, also determine the category based on the parents' ability to work. It is a 94 case if each child has at least one parent who is either absent from the home or unable to work for medical reasons. When there are 2 parents in the home and both parents are able to work, it is a 96 case. Accept the parents' statement regarding their ability to work.

Change the category if the family situation changes. A new application is not required to change the category from 94 to 96 or 96 to 94, if the payee of the new case signed the original application form or Request for Assistance for Additional Family Member (Form 243). If the payee has not signed an application, have them sign Request for Financial Assistance-Medical Assistance-Food Stamps (Form 2378B).

Use TA 42 to change the category. Add or delete persons on the same action, if needed. Complete Form 552:

Items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 44 - Complete.
Items 50, 51 - Complete, if appropriate.
Items 22, 60 - 79 - Complete if adding or deleting a person.
Items 23, 29, 80, 90, and 91 - Review and make any needed changes.

When changing the category, review the case record and complete an ARS clearance (PF/F10). Determine if a food stamp overpayment had been reported under the old category. If an overpayment had been reported under the old category, report the change to the Bureau of Collections (see WAG 23-04-00).