WAG 04-01-08-c: Control List

PM 04-01-08-c.

The Family Community Resource Center receives 2 copies of a monthly report titled "Norman Cases", with all active cases that have Item 80 code 173 NORMN. The BOS Norman liaison also receives a copy of the list. The cases are listed alphabetically by caseload, with the Case Number, Case Name, Address, Caseload, and Item 80 Code 173 Date (MM/YY) for each case. There are also blank columns with the headings Hearing Date, Decision, and Code 173 Updated/Deleted. Use the list to control and follow up on Norman cases.

Review each case on the list the month prior to the code 173 month. Contact the BOS Norman liaison and the client. Take the following action as needed:

  • If the children have been returned to the home, change Item 78 code D to - or E to C. Delete the 98 case number from Item 60 and code 173 from Item 80.
  • For the 3-month review after children were removed from the home, if DCFS expects to return the children within another 3 months, change the code 173 date to the month after the new expected return date.
  • If DCFS no longer expects to return the children within 90 days of case approval or 180 days from the date of removal:
    • If there is another eligible child in the home, delete the absent child(ren) and remove Item 80 code 173 NORMN.
    • If there is no other eligible child, use TA 22/TAR 76 to cancel the TANF case for the month entered in Item 80 code 173. If the case has FS, set up an 08 case for eligible persons in the home (see WAG 18-04-11-c).