PM 04-01-08-a: Children Removed From Home (Active Cases)

WAG 04-01-08-a.

Children who are in temporary DCFS custody under Norman remain eligible for TANF for up to 6 months after the month they were removed from the home. The absent child is not eligible to remain in the SNAP unit.

Review eligibility every 3 months, or more often if a change is expected. 

At case review, if DCFS expects to return the children within 180 days of their removal, they remain eligible for TANF.

If the child is not expected to (or does not) return to the home within 180 days after the date of removal:

  • Remove the absent child if there is another eligible child in the home.
  • Cancel the TANF case if there is no other eligible child. If the case has active SNAP, the system centrally issues Transitional SNAP benefits (TFS) for the remaining eligible SNAP members. Enter the new number of eligible people for TFS in Code 172 box on the additional entry screen when the case is being canceled.