PM 04-01-08: Case Covered by the DCFS Norman Decree

WAG 04-01-08.

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) agreed to a decree in the case of Norman v. Suter. The lawsuit involved services provided by DCFS to parents and guardians whose children:

  • have been or could be removed from the home by DCFS due to allegations of environmental neglect or inadequate shelter, beds, food, or clothing; or
  • are in DCFS custody, regardless of reason, and DCFS has required the parents/guardians to obtain adequate living arrangements for the family as a condition for return of the children.

TANF applicants and clients who are identified by DCFS as Norman cases and who do not have another eligible child in the home may receive cash benefits for a limited time for themselves and the children who are in DCFS custody. Applicants may be approved for benefits up to 90 days prior to the children's return. Active clients may continue to receive benefits for up to 3 months at a time (180 days maximum) after the children are removed from the home.

When one or more eligible children remain in the home, the TANF unit includes the persons in the home and, for up to 90 days prior to their return or 180 days after their removal, the children in DCFS custody. Only the children remaining in the home are eligible to be included in the SNAP unit. Children removed from the home and placed in DCFS custody are not eligible to remain in the FS unit. 

When all children are in DCFS custody and DCFS does not identify the family as a Norman case, the family is not eligible for TANF.