PM 04-01-07-c: 60-Day Extended Medical After Pregnancy Ends

WAG 04-01-07-c.

A woman who is in a TANF adult-only pregnant woman cash case when her pregnancy ends is eligible for 60-day extended medical coverage. Her legal spouse in the case is not eligible for the 60-day extended medical coverage.

The 60-day period starts the day after the pregnancy ends and continues through the last day of the calendar month in which the 60-day period ends. For example, if the 60-day period ends on 09/12, medical coverage continues through 09/30.

The 60-day extended medical is provided so that the client qualifies for postpartum care. Provide 60-day extended medical coverage to a woman when she:

  • had a miscarriage or abortion, if she was receiving Medicaid based on her pregnancy at the time of the miscarriage or abortion; or
  • signed an adoption agreement, if she was receiving Medicaid based on her pregnancy at the time the child was born. (In Illinois, an adoption agreement cannot be signed until at least 72 hours after the birth of a child.)

A woman who is no longer pregnant on the date she applies does not qualify for 60-day extended medical coverage, unless she would have been eligible for Moms and Babies (see PM 06-09-02).

When the child is born and lives with the woman (and spouse), they are all eligible for Medical. The 60-day period does not apply.