WAG 04-01-05-b: Set Up 2 Cases

PM 04-05-01-b

Set up 2 TANF cases when the caretaker relative receives TANF benefits for their own child(ren) and for other child(ren) who are not required to be in the same filing unit with the caretaker's children. Filing unit policy applies to the children in each case.

Example 1: Ms. M has a TANF case for herself and her 2 daughters. Her nephew (brother's son) and niece (sister's daughter) come to live with her, and she requests cash for them. Set up a separate RPY cash case that includes both the nephew and niece. Since the nephew and niece are not siblings, if one of them had income greater than their share of the cash benefit, that child could be removed from the case and put on a Medical case. The nephew and niece cannot be on separate cash cases.

Example 2: Ms. W requests cash for herself and her husband, their 5 year old son, his 11 year old son, her 16 year old unmarried daughter, the 16 year old's son, Ms. W's brother's 2 sons, and her incarcerated daughter's daughter. Set up 2 cases as follows:

  1. Include Ms. W, her husband, their son, his son, her 16 year old daughter, and the 16 year old's son on one 06 case. (Filing unit requires the 3 siblings and their parents to be in the same case. The 16 year old daughter must also be in the same case with her son.)
  2. Include Ms. W's 2 nephews and her granddaughter on one 04 case. (The 2nd case is set up for these children who are not required to be in the first filing unit.)

revised textIf Case #1 is ineligible for cash due to income of the children (such as SSA for his son and child support for her daughter), Mr. and Ms. W may choose to be included on Case #2 if including them and budgeting their income does not reduce the cash benefit.

If Case #1 is cash ineligible, the 16 year old can apply for her own 04 case for herself and her baby, since her siblings no longer receive TANF and she and her son are not siblings or parents of the children on Case #2.

In Case #2, Ms. W could choose to exclude the granddaughter or both of the nephews if they had income enough to meet their needs. However, she could not exclude just one nephew, since they are siblings. Filing unit policy applies within this case also. If one of the nephews is included, the other one must be included too (even if only one of the nephews has income).