WAG 04-01-02-b: Excluded Due to Lack of Nonfinancial Verification

PM 04-01-02-b

Following are examples of a parent or sibling who is ineligible due to missing nonfinancial verifications.

Example 1: Ms. S. applied for TANF and SNAP for herself and her 3 children. Presence in the home for the 2 older children was proven using Verification of School Attendance (Form 541). Ms. S was given 2 Forms 2540 for the youngest child, age 2. The forms were not returned, and Ms. S did not ask for help in verifying the child's presence. The local office has no other source to verify "living with". Ms. S has no phone and did not respond to a follow-up letter.

revised textApprove Ms. S. and the 2 older children for TANF. Do not include the youngest child. The child is not eligible until "living with" is verified. If the youngest child has income, use them to determine the family's eligibility, as though the child were included in the case.

The family, including the youngest child, is eligible for SNAP because proof of "living with" is not needed for SNAP.

Add the youngest child for TANF when proof of "living with" is received. Start benefits for the child on the same date as for the rest of the family if the proof shows the child was in the home and otherwise eligible at that time.

Example 2: Ms. C. receives TANF for herself and her 2 children. She provided proof of an application for a Social Security number (SSN) for the younger child when he was first added to the case. The child is now 6 months old and the Department has not received an SSN for the child. Ms. C. does not respond when the FCRC sends her Instructions to Recipient (Form 1721) telling her she must provide an SSN for the child or proof that the application for an SSN is pending.

Ms. C's failure to respond only affects the child's eligibility. Remove the child from cash and SNAP. The child is eligible for Medicaid as a newborn as long as Ms. C. remains eligible. Keep the child on the case for medical only (Code 3 in Item 78) until he reaches age one.

If Ms. C. provides the child's SSN or proof that the application for an SSN is still pending, add the child for cash and SNAP effective the date the SSN or proof was provided.

Example 3: Ms. W. applied for TANF and SNAP for herself and 3 children. Ms. W. has verified financial eligibility. The only missing nonfinancial proof is that Ms. W. cannot prove relationship to the youngest child, age 2 months. The child was born in Iowa, per her statement. Ms. W. provided a copy of a letter she sent to Iowa requesting the child's birth certificate. The case is presumed eligible for all 4 persons.

Iowa responds to the customer's letter stating there is no record of the child's birth. The customer asks the FCRC for help in verifying relationship for the child. The customer cannot remember the name of the hospital or the doctors at the child's birth. The FCRC telephones Iowa and confirms they have no record of the birth.

At the end of 90 days, remove the youngest child from the case because the child is ineligible without proof of relationship. Set up a 94R case for the child.

text revisedContinue the 04 case for the other 3 family members. Keep the child in the SNAP case, as relationship is not needed for SNAP benefits. If Ms. W. later brings in the child's birth certificate or other proof of relationship, cancel the 94R case and add the child to the cash case effective for the first month of the deletion.