PM 04-01-01: TANF Filing Unit Definitions

WAG 04-01-01

Use the following special definitions when deciding who to include in the Filing Unit.

  • A TANF applicant is a person included in a TANF application.
  • A TANF client is a person included in a TANF case.
  • Eligible refers to a person who meets all the nonfinancial eligibility factors for TANF.
  • A dependent child is a person who is included in a TANF application or case as a child.
  • A minor parent is a mother, legal father, or pregnant woman under age 19.text deleted
  • A parent is a child's natural or adopted mother or legal father.
  • A sibling is a natural (blood-related) or adopted brother or sister. This includes half-brothers and sisters (a mother or legal father in common).
  • revised textA stepparent is the spouse/civil union partner of a child's natural or adoptive parent.