PM 03-08-01: Establishing Disability

WAG 03-08-01

A person who receives Social Security disability benefits or SSI or Railroad benefits based on their disability is considered disabled for AABD. See WAG 11-01-00 for AABD Cash eligibility for persons receiving SSA or RRB disability without receipt of SSI. A person who is not receiving SSA or SSI due to disability can qualify for AABD Medical if found disabled by CAU. For persons whose SSI was denied by SSA due to their income, and SSA did not make a disability determination, CAU makes the determination. A CAU decision approving disability may be used for subsequent applications through the date of review set by CAU.

If a disability decision is made by both CAU and SSA, use the most recent decision.

new textIf CAU finds that a person is not disabled, but is eligible or is probably eligible for General Assistance based on regularly taking prescribed medication, see PM 03-18-03