WAG 03-07-02: Reviewing a CAU Finding

PM 03-07-02.

Complete a REDE of the client's blindness when:

  • Code X Reexamination Due appears on the ICL.

    NOTE: Code X appears on the ICL one month before the review date entered in Item 80 code 156 DRD. See WAG 19-06-01-k for how to respond to code X. 

  • The client receives corrective treatment.

    NOTE: Forward progress reports from the source of corrective treatment to CAU. 

  • A person previously determined blind reapplies for AABD Cash or Medical and:
    • the person is not currently determined blind by SSA and does not have an application pending for SSI or primary SSA; or
    • a reexamination date was previously established and that date passed without a reexamination; or
    • the applicant has had corrective treatment since the last examination and CAU recommends a reexamination.

To complete the CAU review, see WAG 03-07-01. Respond to the CAU decision as follows:

  • If CAU calls for another review at a later date, enter the new date in code 156.
  • If no review is needed, delete code 156.
  • If the client is found no longer blind, cancel the case.

When the review is the result of a CAU request due to progress reports on recommended corrective treatment, the Family Community Resource Center sends the progress report to CAU along with the previous reports used to establish blindness. CAU determines ongoing eligibility or the need for reexamination.

When the review is due to a reapplication, follow the procedures for an initial exam (see WAG 03-07-01). Send any medical reports that were used to make the decision on the old application to CAU.