PM 03-06-05-g: Review of Exception

WAG 03-06-05-g

The Exception Committee sets a review date when they approve the exception. Priority Action List (PAL) Code E, Exception Review, appears for the month prior to the month of review. The exception continues until the review is completed, even if it is after the review month. Do an exception review before the scheduled review month if the client's circumstances change and it appears there is no longer an exception reason.

When the exception reason depends on the client's participation in an intensive program or an educational program and the client fails to cooperate, attempt reconciliation (see PM 03-13-04). If reconciliation is unsuccessful, impose an activity requirement sanction and do an exception review right away.

To do an exception review, Family Community Resource Center staff must determine if there has been a significant change since the exception was approved or last reviewed. Obtain whatever information and verification are needed to determine if the same or any other exception reason applies. Complete another summary. Obtain the signature of the Family Community Resource Center administrator or their designee.

Send the new summary and verifications to BPD. BPD presents the information to the Exception Committee and notifies the Family Community Resource Center of the decision by fax.

If the exception continues, the Family Community Resource Center must update the review date. Also change the exception code if the exception reason has changed. No other action is needed.

If the client no longer qualifies for an exception, the Family Community Resource Center must do the following:

  • Send a notice to the client.
  • Immediately remove the exception coding.
  • Meet with the client and revise the RSP. Add activities and steps designed to help the family become self-supporting within 3 months.

The system automatically provides a 3-month extension of TANF benefits, beginning with the effective month the Family Community Resource Center removes the exception code.