PM 03-06-05-d: Processing an Exception Request

WAG 03-06-05-d

When the client requests an exception, Family Community Resource Center staff and central office staff work together to process the request and notify the client of the decision within 45 days. revised textThe client must be notified within 45 days of a decision if the request for an exception is needed to approve a cash application or SWAP request. Follow these procedures even if it is obvious that the client does not meet the requirements for an exception. Family Community Resource Center staff must:

  • Record the exception request.
  • Determine if the family meets TANF eligibility requirements, other than an exception reason. Use normal budgeting policy. Allow the 3/4 disregard when budgeting earned income for active TANF cases. For applications and SWAP requests, allow the 3/4 disregard only if the case passes the initial income test, i.e., gross earnings minus initial earned income disregard, plus unearned income is less than the payment level. If the person or case is ineligible for a reason other than the time limit, take action to cancel or deny TANF or delete the person on that basis. Do not wait for a decision on the exception request.
  • If the client is eligible for TANF except for the time limit and there is a counter at 57 or more, collect all verifications needed for the Exception Committee to make a decision concerning whether the client meets any of the exception reasons. If the client is ineligible for TANF for a reason other than the time limit or all counters are under 57, verification regarding the exception reasons is not needed.
  • Complete a summary, including a recommendation to approve or deny the exception request and whether the client meets all other TANF eligibility requirements.
  • Send the packet of information to the Bureau of Policy Development (BPD).

BPD staff presents the information to the Exception Committee, and the Exception Committee makes a decision on the request. BPD sends the FCRC written notice of the decision.