WAG 03-06-03-d: Changing the Counter

PM 03-06-03-d.

When necessary, change the value of the counter in AIS by entering the correct value on Screen #7C or in ACM by adding or changing the COUNT field in the person level information. The system automatically displays the HELP screen when you make an entry for the counter in AIS or ACM. Press Enter to continue.

The counter may also be changed through IPACS with a TA 34 or TA 42 (when adding a person), a TA 31/TAR 61 (for an active client), or any transfer in or reinstatement action, except TA 12/TAR 98.

The system does not accept an entry of zero. If the counter must be reset to zero because all previous months of TANF were not received, have been repaid, or were not countable, enter DL for the counter value.

Complete YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335) and send it to the client whenever you change the counter value and they have less than 60 months.