PM 03-05-00: Living With A Caretaker Relative (TANF, All Kids)

WAG 03-05-00

To qualify for TANF deleted text, a child must live with a caretaker relative. The caretaker relative must be the person who is in charge of the child's care and supervision.

new textFor medical programs, when a dependent child lives with a parent or parents, that parent(s) shall be considered as the caretaker relative(s). For Family Health Plans 'parents' are biological, adoptive or stepparents.

NOTE: A child under age 19 who is not living with a caretaker relative, can qualify for All Kids Assist under Category 94 with a basic number that begins with an R (see PM 03-05-06). The child can also qualify for All Kids Share and All Kids Premiumdeleted text under Category 94.