PM 03-04-03: Students of Higher Education (SNAP)

WAG 03-04-03.

A student enrolled half-time or more in a school of higher education does not qualify for SNAP benefits unless they meet one of the special student eligibility requirements (see PM 03-04-03-b). A student enrolled in a school of higher education less than half-time does not have to meet the special student eligibility requirements. Accept the school's definition of what is half-time attendance. A student can be either the payee of the SNAP unit or a member of the unit.

Accept the student's statement that they are enrolled in school half-time or more. The student's class schedule may be used to verify hours of enrollment, if questionable.

Do not count the income and assets of an ineligible student when figuring eligibility for SNAP benefits for the rest of the SNAP unit (see PM 05-04-01).