PM 03-02-01: TANF, ACA Adult, Family Health Plans, Family Planning and Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults (HBIA)

WAG 03-02-01

To qualify for TANF, Family Health Plans, ACA Adult, Family Planning and new policyHealth Benefits for Immigrant Adults (HBIA) a person must be an Illinois resident. The person does not have to live in Illinois for a set period of time or have a permanent address. 

An Illinois resident is a person who chooses to live in Illinois. For TANF, this includes a person who may not remain in Illinois but is here because of a job offer or to find work. Persons looking for work, such as migrant workers, qualify as Illinois residents.

A child is an Illinois resident when the caretaker relative they live with is an Illinois resident. Children from out of state placed in foster care in Illinois under Title IV-E are Illinois residents for Medical only. Title IV-E cases are set up and maintained centrally by the Bureau of Operations Support.

A person does not qualify for benefits from Illinois if they are receiving them from another state. But persons applying in Illinois can qualify if they now live in Illinois, and the amount they received from the other state is deducted from the amount they qualify for in Illinois.

A person can temporarily live out of state and keep Illinois residency. To keep their residency a person must plan on coming back to Illinois after finishing their reason for leaving.