PM 02-08-03-b: Other Verification

WAG 02-08-03-b

Do not delay issuing expedited SNAP benefits simply because all of the following eligibility factors cannot be verified within the expedited timeframe.

  • Residency
  • Income 
  • Liquid assets

If all of the proofs are not provided within the expedited processing timeframe, determine eligibility and benefit amount based on what the applicant reports.

Note: new manual textA SNAP qualifying member household who is entitled to expedited service is entitled to a medical expense deduction, if they list medical expense amounts, even if verification of those expenses is postponed. See WAG 13-01-05-a.

If the applicant applied before the 15th day of the fiscal month and is entitled to expedited services, issue the first month's benefits right away. If the applicant applied after the 15th day of the fiscal month, and is entitled to expedited services, issue the first and 2nd month's benefits right away. Tell the applicant that additional SNAP benefits will not be approved until all verifications are received and a new application is filed. After issuance of the expedited SNAP benefits, do not issue any more until the missing information is provided.