PM 02-07-02-c: Applicant in Hospital (Cash, Medical)

WAG 02-07-02-c.

Allow more time if an applicant is in the hospital and asks for more time to get verification. Allow more time if a hospital, or their representative, submitted an application for the applicant and asks for more time. Show proof of the client's hospitalization in the case record. Allow the number of days requested, but no more than 90 days from the date of application. Give them a written notice that lists the information needed and the last day it can be provided.

If the Family Community Resource Center does not receive the information by the last day on the extension notice, take the following action on the day following the last day of the extension:

  • AABD Applicants - Deny the application.
  • TANF Applicants - If the missing financial information applies to a person who must be included in the TANF filing unit, deny the application. If the information is for a person who is not required to be in the TANF filing unit and the remaining unit members are eligible, approve cash benefits without including the person. new textIf verifications are unattainable due to domestic or sexual violence, contact the Bureau of Policy Development for guidance.
  • FamilyCare Assist, All Kids Assist, and Moms and Babies Applicants - Approve Medical benefits, without including the person to whom the missing information applies, for any remaining unit members who are eligible. Consider the income of responsible relatives. If eligibility cannot be determined for anyone, deny the application.