WAG 02-06-01-c: Failure to Come to Family Community Resource Center Interview

PM 02-06-01-c.

(EW) Interview the applicant the same day they apply if possible. If the applicant cannot be interviewed the same day, schedule the interview as soon as possible but no later than 14 days from the application date. See PM 02-08-00 for Expedited Applications.

If the applicant asks to have an appointment changed, reschedule it as soon as possible. The original appointment is not considered a failed appointment.

Denying a SNAP only application in IES

(revised textIES) IES will automatically deny a SNAP application for missed interview at the 30th day when: 

  • The application is SNAP only;
  • An appointment date was entered on the last page of Application Registration (Maintain Application - Summary) and the Appointment Status is set to "Scheduled"; and 
  • Data collection has not been initiated (i.e. application must still have a T-number).

The denial will occur in IES as well as the CDB. The Notice of Missed Interview (Form 267L) is centrally sent if the applicant fails to appear for the scheduled interview. The system denies the application on the 30th day following the date of application if the applicant does not reschedule the interview.

SNAP only, SNAP/Cash or SNAP/ Medical Application Registration Complete  - No Interview Date

If Application Registration has been completed with NO interview date entered in IES but Data Collection has not been initiated on the case, update the appointment date on the Maintain Application - Summary screen in Application Registration.  This action will change the caseload in the CDB, which will trigger the SNAP auto-denial and generate the 267L if the interview is missed.

Denying SNAP for a SNAP/Cash or SNAP/Medical Application in IES

For SNAP/Cash applications or SNAP/Medical Applications use the following process when Data Collection has already been started to deny the application for missed interview at the 30th day:

  • Note: After you start Data Collection, at a minimum you must complete the Individual Information section in Data Collection as EDGs must be established before withdrawing the program. Complete these pages to the best of your ability, selecting Not Verified as the verification method whenever you are unable to verify information. If you withdraw all programs and certify eligibility, the case will be denied.
  • Remember: If Data Collection has been initiated and the case must be withdrawn due to a missed interview, per WAG 17-04-03-b, the case should not be denied before the 30th day following the date of application. If it is withdrawn before that date, it will batch in the CDB.
  1. On the Left Navigation select Data Collection, and then select Initiate Date Collection. The Initiate Data Collection page displays.
  2. Complete the following fields on the page:
    1. Case or Application #: Enter the case number for the case you would like to withdraw
    2. Select Intake from the drop-down list
  3. Select "Next". The next page that needs to be completed in the driver flow displays, depending on how far the case has been taken through Data Collection. On the Left Navigation, select Individual Information, and confirm the Individual Information has been completed on the case for all household members and EDGs have been established.
  4. Complete any necessary pages in Data Collection to ensure the EDGs have been established.
  5. Once the EDGs have been established on the case, on the Left Navigation, select Individual Information, and then select Program Request. The Program Request - Summary page displays.
  6. Select the Edit icon for the first program request. The Program Request- Details page displays.
  7. Complete the following fields under the Program Withdraw/Closure section on the page: 
    1. Withdraw/Deny/Close Program? Select YES;
    2. Withdraw/Deny/Close Date: Enter the date of the withdrawal request; and
    3. Withdraw/Deny/Close Reason: Select Application Withdrawn reason from the drop-down list for cutomers who missed the scheduled interview.
  8. Select "Next". The Program Request - Individuals page displays. You are not required to update any information on this page to withdraw the program.
  9. Select "Save and Continue" and then select "Next". The Individual Information - Run EDG page displays.
  10. On the Left Navigation, select Program Requests and complete steps 7-9 for SNAP. Once this has been completed, re-run the EDG from the Individual Information - Run EDG page.
  11. Select "Next". The Individual Information - EDG Summary page displays. Notice the CG (Certified Group) size will be zero because no one on the case is now requesting assistance.
  12. Select "Next". Navigate through Data Collection and re-run Eligibility.
  13. The customer should be Closed or Denied for all programs in which you completed in steps 7-8. Certify the results.
  14. Remember to add a Case Comment explaining you withdrew the program due to missed interview for SNAP.

See WAG 17-04-03-b for the central process when an applicant misses an interview.