WAG 02-04-03-c: Authorized Representative (SNAP)

A person who wants SNAP benefits and who is a resident of a drug addiction or alcoholic treatment center must apply through a center employee designated to act as an authorized representative.

A resident of a group living arrangement facility who wants SNAP benefits may apply through an employee of the facility who has been assigned to act as the authorized representative. The facility considers the resident's mental and physical abilities to determine the need for an authorized representative.

When a client has an authorized representative, the center or facility is:

  • responsible for any misrepresentation knowingly committed in the application and approval of residents;
  • to be knowledgeable about the person's circumstances;
  • to carefully review circumstances with the resident prior to applying for them.

The center or facility must pay for all losses or misuse of SNAP benefits held on behalf of a resident and for all overpayments that occur while the person is a resident of the center or facility.