WAG 02-04-02: Who May Apply

PM 02-04-02

Any person wanting assistance has the right to apply during normal working hours.

An applicant, except those applying who are in a Long Term Care (LTC) or revised textSupportive Living Program (SLP) and those whose applications are submitted by hospitals in Cook County, may choose to apply at any HCD FCRC.

An application, except LTC, SLP, or hospital applications in Cook, received by but not normally processed by;

  • revised textMedical Field Operations (North, Central and Downstate)
  • Special Units (Uptown), and
  • SNAP Employment & Training (Garfield), or
  • the Welcome Center (West Suburban)

will be processed by the full service office where the specialty offices are located. 

Applications except LTC, revised textSLP, or hospital applications for residents of Cook County, including faxed and mailed applications, received in a full service office are revised text processed and maintained according to the chart in WAG 25-15-00

If an application is received and the applicant has an active case in another county, the applicant must choose which county will serve them.  Cases that share the same payee or have legally responsible relatives in common must be in the same office.

LTC and SLP Applications and Active Cases

revised textLTC and SLP cases are specialty cases that are served by one of three specific offices: Medical Field Operations (MFO) North, Central and Downstate. The date of the application is the date it was received in the MFO office. deleted text 

Legal Guardian Applies

An application filed on behalf of a person over age 21 who has a legally appointed guardian may be filed at any Family Community Resource Center.

Medical Applications from Persons Who are in a Corrections Facility 

Revised text A person in an Illinois jail, juvenile detention center or Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) facility may apply for medical benefits if one of the two criteria below is met:

  • The applicant received inpatient hospital services since the date he or she was detained in the facility; or
  • The applicant is requesting medical benefits revised text in advance of release as part of discharge planning.

Applicants must otherwise meet all financial and non-financial eligibility criteria to qualify for medical benefits.  New TextMedical benefits are restricted for a person in an IDOC facility until they are released into the community.  See PM 20-02-03.

New text FCRC  Processes the Application All Kids Unit Processes the Application
IDOC-requesting medical in advance of discharge The FCRC that serves the area where the inmate is located processes the application ----
IDOC-received inpatient hospital services ---- Applications are hand delivered to AKU by the IDOC health services vendor
County jail or juvenile detention facility ---- Send applications to the All Kids Unit, P.O. Box 19122, Springfield IL 627094-9122, Attn: MedInmate